Online learning and teaching program environment

Wileyplus is an online learning and teaching program environment that integrates the whole digital textbook with the most effective student and instructor resources to fit any learning style. Wileyplus features for teachers include:

• Allows you to identify learners that are behind in their studies and intervene accordingly without waiting for them to come forward

• Enables you to design your classroom presentation with a wealth of functionality and resources including your materials, rich visuals as well as PowerPoints

• Automates and simplifies tasks such as keeping grades, scoring student work and making assignments

Jacaranda shop features for students are:

• Manage time better, study smarter and save money

• Track your progress in a course by using your personal online grade book

• Get instant context-sensitive help and feedback on your assignments

• Access the online, complete version of your text with study resources that can address your particular needs

There are some other benefits associated with the system.

Identify early

Through an engagement report, a teacher is provided a variety of metrics that offer a holistic view of class activity to help them identify struggling students. The engagement report uses some dimensions for comparison such as:

• Total grade for each student on all assignments

• Questions attempted is used to indicate how many questions each student in the course has answered

• Time spent actively within Wileyplus learning space

• Rating on the class participation of every learner, based on their contribution to activities like replying to the discussions and questions initiated by other students and initiating discussions

• Completion rate for every learner on all activities that were not assigned like practice sets and e–textbook reading sections

The engagement report can be used to track overall learner engagement using some metrics. It can identify students who perform poorly in class and those that have not been using practice sets. Lastly, it can identify students that fail to keep up with assignments but participate in class.

Facilitate engagement

The collaborative e-textbook of Jacaranda Shop provides an organised learning system, personalization of the course and promotes student engagement. To create a personalised study plan, students have the option of adding notes to the e-textbook. Each area of the e-textbook is associated with at least one learning objective. All of the associated animations, videos, photos, illustrations and other media are embedded in the areas where appropriate in the narrative.

Performance report

There is a performance score on the Wileyplus learning space that tracks the number of correct out of all attempted. For example, if the learning objective has 100 questions, and it took 120 attempts to get them all right, the performance score will be 100/120. The score shows the students who need more time to study, answer most questions correctly on their first attempt and those that are leading in the class. Getting a percentage from converting your performance score is not necessarily your proficiency score. Performance is just a count of incorrect and correct. It will not take into account the proficiency calculation nuances.

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