Long, dark eyelashes can be very feminine and sexy

Long, dark eyelashes can be very feminine and sexy. Mascara can play up existing lashes, but many people have sparse or short lashes or are looking for a more dramatic look. Eyelash extensions are different than other false Russian volume eyelash extensions, because they are attached individually to the natural lash to extend it instead of being glued directly to the eyelid. Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions won’t damage the natural eyelashes if applied correctly.

Eyelash extensions can come in various lengths and can range from very glamourous to natural looking. Most of them are synthetic, but they can also come in silk or mink which is understandably more expensive. Although they come at the highest cost, mink extensions are lighter which puts less stress on the natural lashes. Mink lashes have a soft, feathery look. For this reason, they are popular with celebrities.

There are extension kits that can be purchased, but most extensions are applied in salons by technicians. Eyelash extensions can be applied professionally or by a steady-handed friend, but they should never be applied on oneself. When not applied properly, the adhesive can damage the eyelashes or worse–the delicate skin around the eye. If applied correctly, eyelash extensions are safe for the eyes themselves because the eyes are kept closed during the entire procedure.

To prepare for the application of the extensions, the Russian volume eyelash extensions are first cleaned to remove any makeup. Eyelash extensions are applied only after the Russian volume eyelash extensions are completely dry. Unlike some other eyelash products, eyelash extensions are glued on to the eyelash using a medical grade adhesive so the look can be maintained year round. Touch ups are recommended every four weeks to freshen the extensions, but most women will find this better than applying false Russian volume eyelash extensions every morning. Going eight weeks is even possible for some, because everyone’s lifestyle is different.

Some of the tools used in applying extensions are tweezers, different sized lashes, and an eyelash comb. White tape is often used under the lashes during the process to make it easier for the technician to see the individual eyelashes. The length of the eyelash extensions will be specific to the individual. Not everyone’s eyelashes are long enough to support the heaviest of extensions so the exact product used should be limited to what works with the client’s existing natural lashes. The process can take from two to four hours, depending on how much experience the technician has.

One of the benefits of lash extensions is not needing to put on mascara each day. In fact, wearing mascara on the extensions can make them look clumpy. If mascara is worn, it should be put on lightly and only on the tips. It is relatively easy to remove eyelash extensions using a cotton ball, some baby oil, and some makeup remover. As with removing mascara, the process should not be rushed. It is easy to see how extensions can be a great low maintenance solution for those wanting their eyelashes to stand out.

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