In every business, the time has an importance that supersedes all the other aspects.

In every business, the time has an importance that supersedes all the other aspects. As the famous phrase goes; “Time is money”, so it is important that time is being used in the most productive ways and it is not being wasted due to any factor. As a business owner, it should be your priority to make sure that your time and that of your employees’ and other resources are utilized in such a way that benefits your brand.

Same is the case with label printers; they can help you save a lot of time wasted on meaningless matters and can give you more opportunities to grow. While it saves a lot of manual hours, usage of a custom label printer will help you achieve customer satisfaction which is the backbone of every business.

Do I need a label printer?

If you are a business that’s shipping out multiple deliveries daily, then you need a label printer machine. A customizable label printer becomes a necessity when you want your deliveries to look professional and up-to the standards of the market.

Which type of label printers do I need?

The choice of the label printers totally depends upon the type of business you run and how much you aim to gain through this. To simplify it for you, the types of label printers have been discussed in the following context briefly.

Inkjet printers

These printers are used all over the world in most of the offices. When time is of the essence to you, these printers might not be a good choice for you. Although they start printing immediately after giving the command, the average printing rate is 20 per minute. In addition to that, they are high maintenance and have ink and toner needs. You should be prepared to spend $100 to $600 for these label printers, and that’s exclusive of ink and toner.

Laser printers

Latest and a much faster alternative to inkjet printers, laser label printer machines offer more flexibility and have a higher output rate. Although they can handle only the simple graphics and colour schemes, they are way cheaper and have a much faster production rate. They are low maintenance, have no toner needs and can be availed at $150.

Thermal printers

The third type of label printers, thermal , is way more versatile than the other types. They use more direct ways to print labels, and they make it possible for you to print on any type of label material such as paper, glossy sheet, and any other. They can handle an unlimited amount of work in a single day as they print on rolling sheets of label material. They don’t need regular maintenance, are easier to operate and way more flexible to different creative needs.

Approaches to buy label printers

The most common approaches that can help you make an informed decision are as follows.

Don’t opt for the easiest choice.

While it may look feasible, selecting a label printer that has the easiest operating mechanisms might not be a good choice for you. Label printers that are easy to handle don’t offer much choice in selecting the label materials, designs etc. Using these printers, you may not be able to be creative and come up with a unique design.

Partial flexibility maybe your worse enemy.

Some of the more recent custom label printers enable you to choose different styles and designs from a list. While it may look convenient, don’t fall for it as these printers are only offering what they have been programmed with. Although, while using them, you might be able to come up with some good results, they will become old news before you know it.

Premium brands need premium solutions.

If you want your brand to be recognized among the customers, selecting a label printer machine that will work according to your wishes will be the best suitable option for you. Be clear that it may cost more than any other, but it will provide you with grounds to work and be creative and make your ideas come true.