Multi-media approach to teaching Maths

The Mathematics by me is an innovative program for teaching maths. I have designed a multi-media approach to teaching maths which combines the use of text books, work books, a digital solutions manual and more. The program immerses the student in the maths experience allowing them to use a variety of resources to get a fuller understanding of the process for finding the solution to each of the problems. The Maths series has long been proven to be an effective way to teach maths to Australian youth.

The program is effective and easy to use. Maths not only has the standard, textbook, workbooks and manuals, it also features an online digital teacher edition and online support tools to help make teaching maths as easy as learning it. These online tools provide teachers with 24 hour access to support from the producer of the series. It is a great addition to an already outstanding educational tool. It takes the preparation for and application of the techniques for teaching the maths operations clear and easy to understand.

The program also features a homework book and a number of booklets which thoroughly explain the concepts and makes mastery a breeze. The online component is a boon for students as well. It means answers and explanations are accessible to students any time of the day or night in the comfort of their own homes. Students can use individual lessons or access the entire group of lessons in an e-book format. Simplicity is one of the reasons the Maths program is so successful and number 10 follows in that illustrious tradition. This edition builds on the framework which has aided Australian students in their understanding of basic maths concepts for more than a decade.

Using updated and revised versions of the comprehensive system, the program helps students meet and master all the elements of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Designed to encourage student to think in new and creative ways to increase learning opportunities, Maths integrates advanced problem solving through the use of technology and guided investigations. The series contains customizable documents, app links to other online resources and a new level of interactivity. It also utilizes numerous electronic resources.

The program starts with a discussion of Real Numbers and goes on to cover Measurement, Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations and Exponential Functions. The entire curriculum is covered in 720 pages and includes a number of eLessons and Interactives along with a money eBook. It is the most comprehensive and interactive of the Maths. It is available in paperback and other formats and is written in a tone and language level any student can understand. Released in 2009, Maths has received excellent reviews from educators, parents and students.

Mastery of maths is important. Maths affects every thing people do. The children need to be prepared to solve the maths and science problems of tomorrow. The Maths Quest 10 can help.

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