Organic Chemistry

Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry 2nd Edition, which was written by David Klein, is a course work textbook that places a specified emphasis on skills development in order to support organic chemistry concepts. This special emphasis that’s placed on skills development provide readers with an extensive opportunity through Skill Builder examples that allows them to develop proficiency in key skills that are needed to succeed in organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition comes with two additional resources; Wiley Plus and Orion. Wiley Plus provides readers with a personal leaning experience that works to adapt to each reader’s individual style of learning. Wiley Plus also contains an online version of the text in addition to a comprehensive collection of extensive practice tests to test the reader’s understanding of the content. Readers can also access demonstrative key concepts that give perspective to the content within the course textbook. Wiley Plus makes every study session a successful study session by offering varied questions while also giving instantaneous feedback to the reader’s answers. Orion gives readers the tools they need to identify their own strengths and weaknesses so they know what they should spend more time on during their study sessions.

David KleinOrganic Chemistry David Klein 2nd Edition features Skill Builder sections that help the reader succeed in their learning by providing them with step-by-step, problem-solving guidance for better conceptual understanding of the most important core concepts within organic chemistry. Throughout the text of Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition, there are conceptual checkpoints with exercises that appear after a few sections at a time to allow readers to practice recently learned concepts. Every chapter contains a chapter opener which is entitled Did You Ever Wonder, which includes questions that demonstrates how organic chemistry is applied to many modern day problems.

There are two versions of this course work textbook; Print and Digital. The print version is binder ready which is ideal for students who like to travel light without having to carry around their textbooks everywhere they go. Students can take only the pages they need to class and leave the others at home. Or, students can also choose to get the textbook version if they like having the actual textbook and have the whole text available at their fingertips. Both print versions come with Wiley Plus. The E-Text version of the textbook can be easily synced among compatible devices (tablet, iPad, smart phone, computer) so notes and highlights only have to be made once and will appear on all devices regardless of where they were intentionally made. The E-Text can be viewed both online and offline.

Organic Chemistry 2nd Edition is included in Wiley’s Affordability Program which is part of Wiley’s ongoing commitment of providing all students with the higher education that they deserve regardless of their budget; Wiley’s belief id that every student should have the access to quality learning resources. Wiley provides quality learning resources at an affordable price, which has allowed Wiley to do what they do best; Assist in helping teachers teach and helping students continue to learn.

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