Maths in Financial Management

multinational-financial-management-alan-shapiroMultinational Financial Management 10th edition Alan Shapiro provides students with a learning foundation that gives conceptual framework to making key financial decisions in which the multinational firm can be analysed. This text does not simply focus solely on the risks of organizations venturing abroad with their business, but also explores the many opportunities that are available for multinational businesses. This textbook will give anyone the needed tools that will allow them to excel in their multinational and international finances courses.

Multinational Financial Management 10th Edition features how there are changes in the world’s financial system, incorporating the European sovereign debt crisis as well as the continued development of India and China. The textbook includes numerous examples for the student while providing applications that are located in various sections through certain chapters. This textbook also focuses on corporate practice by giving an extensive amount of real-world examples that show actual financial concepts and theories that provide students with further learning. The text contains charts, illustrations, and vignettes to show corporate practices, specific techniques, and financial concepts and theories. Near the end, there are 7 longer illustrations that demonstrate the different aspects of financial management for international purposes that show actual company practices. There are also mini cases featured in each chapter that will benefit corporate managers with its illustrated concepts.

The text comes in two versions; You can view the Multinational Financial Management 10th Edition E-Text online and offline using either a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, smart phone, or other compatible device that can view the text. Any notes that you make throughout the text will automatically be saved and synced among all the devices you view the text on regardless of where you first made them. You can sync the text through three devices. After purchasing the text book, you own it for life; Or you purchase the soft cover version of this text, which is the ideal version for anyone who prefers a printed version of their textbooks. Both versions are loaded with relevant case studies that will help students learn (and teachers teach about) business decision making. The print version is an exact replica of the actual printed book and is 728 pages.

Alan Shapiro is the author of Multinational Financial Management 10th Edition. He holds a B.A in mathematics which he received from Rice University. He also obtained a Ph.D in Economics when he studied at Carnegie Mellon university. Alan has over 40 years of experience, including having taught at several institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA. He’s consulted with numerous organizations and has experience in the corporate and international financial management.

Multinational Financial Management 10th Edition Alan C Shapiro is apart of Wiley’s Affordability Program as Wiley’s ongoing commitment to supply students with affordable learning materials continue. Wiley provides students and teachers with the textbooks and quality learning resources that they need regardless of their budget. This helps teacher teach and students learn by supplying them with the materials they need at a price they can afford.

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