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Dmitri_MendeleevIf you’re a university student anywhere in Australia or New Zealand, then you have likely purchased a textbook from Wiley. Wiley Publishers are a trusted name and have a solid reputation in Unversity textbooks throughout both countries. Recently, they announced the release of the new and improved Chemistry 2nd Edition. This book is not just a dressed-up reprint of the old edition. More than a simple makeover, the new edition includes many new features and tools that are not available in other textbooks.

Wiley understands that many young students struggle to handle all the costs involved with higher education. With that in mind, Chemistry 3rd Edition is available in the traditional print format as well as the more affordable digital download format. With this new option, students can pick up their chemistry text for as little as $75. The digital version is not only much less expensive, but imagine just how much easier it will be to carry around a tablet or Ereader all over campus instead of a heavy textbook. Both the wallets and shoulders of university students everywhere can breath a sigh of relief thanks to Wiley.

Chemistry 3rd Edition was written by established experts in the field of chemistry from all over Australia and New Zealand. These writers are professors themselves and hail from the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Otago as well as Queensland University of Technology and Curtin University. This book was written by teachers who teach first year chemistry and know what first year chemistry can be like. They know the information you need, and Wiley has presented that information along with tools to help the learning process. The book also includes WileyPlus, Wiley’s online version of the book that includes hours of interactive activities to help bring the concepts of the book to life. It has been well established in educational research that success rates in any class are directly impacted by the number of exposures to the information. What better way to rack up exposures to this information than with fun and engaging online software?

First year students will find specialized sections in Chemistry 3rd Edition very helpful. “Concept Basics” will highlight key chemistry concepts and break them down into simple, digestible synopses. This can help to break long, dense passages of information into more easily understood chunks. “Chemistry Research” sections will apply the concepts learned to actual research being done outside of the classroom setting. Students can learn about the kinds of research that they might be able to participate in once they make it through their degree. Last, but not least, there are “Chemistry Connection” boxes. These will directly connect chemistry knowledge from the reading to the real world around the student. Learning becomes easier when the information is grounded in the student’s own reality.

Chemistry 3rd Edition is a solid textbook from a solid textbook company, packed with useful, interactive features. First year chemistry is a tough class. Used properly, this book can make it a little less tough.

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