A Review on The Look That Men Find the Most Lush

The May 2014 article in women’s health titled the look that men find the most lush states that both men and women find women who apply relatively few cosmetics more lush. This only makes sense as too much make-up is notorious for creating a porcelain doll appearance at best. Unless you’re a clown or stage actor, the proper use of cosmetics is to enhance the appearance, not to scream look-at-me!

The article reported on a study recently published in the quarterly journal of experimental psychology. The study recruited 44 women to model for photographs and 22 adult males and 22 adult females to act as observers of the photographs. First, they took some photographs of the models before applying their make-up then after presenting the models with the chance of applying make-up as if they were going to a B&S at night, took more photographs of them. They took a total of 21 photographs of each model with various amounts of make-up on.

They then asked the observers to identify which version of each looked the most lush to them. They also asked the female observers which ones they believed that the men would find most lush and vice versa. Each thought that the other would prefer more than they themselves did. While the women preferred slightly more than the men did, the models ended up applying at least 30 percent more than either found lush.

Apparently, the media tends to make it appear as if more make-up is preferred. As a result, everyone tends to think that those who prefer a more natural appearance are in the minority. Therefore, if you wear cosmetics to simply be pleasing to others, you may want to consider toning down or removing at least one thing altogether. Again, unless you’re an entertainer, it’s usually not necessary to wear gobs and gobs of make-up. It may also be helpful to remember that many people are actually quite intimidated by clowns.

It is advisable to be especially careful when applying mascara. It’s not simply that it can sting your eyes if you end up poking them with the mascara applicator. With mascara, if you end up tearing up, the mascara tends to run down your cheeks making it looking as if someone cut downward on them creating serious claw marks in the process. Yuck! This is why eyelash extensions are preferable. Eyelash extensions also tend to create the more preferable natural look.

Eyelash extensions are manufactured to enhance the natural look of eyelashes plus to create the natural length and volume. As a result, you never need to apply mascara and the eyelash extensions are to be applied one at a time. Until 8 April 2015, eyelash extensions Bentleigh is also offering $20 vouchers for their refills on eyelash extensions. With eyelash extensions Bentleigh, you also don’t have to worry about intimidating anyone.

Last but not least, always remember to know your skin tone and purchase your cosmetic products accordingly. You want to look only your best.

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