Abnormal Psychology

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is a highly respected publisher of textbooks in several disciplines. Wiley first published the title Abnormal Psychology in 1948. As the discipline of psychopathology evolved and encompassed new disorders, the publishes have kept pace with new material and up to date research. This review covers the new authors and new material, especially the online course curriculum.

The Authors, James N. Butcher, Susan Mineka and Jill M. Hooley

James N. Butcher is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota. His biography includes the publication of 55 books and over 200 articles in Abnormal Psychology. He has a long list of awards in the field and is currently involved in organizing relief for survivors of airline disasters.

Susan Mineka is Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University. She served as officer with numerous professional associations and received distinguished awards throughout her career. Her current research is in the field of cognitive behavior therapy. This includes the study of the etiology, maintenance and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders.

Jill M. Hooley is Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. She heads the Experimental Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology Program at Harvard. She has received many distinguished awards and served on numerous professional associations. Her latest research is the study of predictors of psychiatric relapse in patients who suffer severe psychopathology, mainly in the areas of schizophrenia and depression.

The New, 13th Edition

The goals set forth are to explore research, develop critical thinking, engage students in the entire process and support instruction. This new 13th Edition has a new, updated design with boxes that include case studies. These studies include the most current research findings. The text offers a balanced coverage of research and clinical applications. Emphasis is on current research, theories and applications. A problem solving approach is used that provides students with the process of investigation used by clinical practitioners. The 13th Edition employs a multiple paradigm approach to show how psychopathology is best understood by using multiple perspectives.

New Online Course Material in the 13th Edition

The new Wiley Plus online program is a complete collection of videos, online assessments and research that can be downloaded to your Tablet or Smartphone. The goal is to give the student opportunities to build a multidimensional understanding of Abnormal Psychology 13th Edition. It provides both the textbook material and a comprehensive collection of practice tests and tips on how to study for exams. The material includes tutorial questions that allow students to work through complex material. It provides online quizzes and pre-lecture quizzes. The online program also provides a complete digital version or the text.

For the instructor the program allows him/her to personalize and manage assignments according to personal preferences. It helps instructors track grades and assign quiz questions that ensure that the student did the required reading.

With this new 13th Edition John Wiley is the respected standard in the field of Abnormal Psychology, not only in text presentation, but also in providing the most current Internet technologies to the field.

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