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communicating-textbook Communicating in 21st Century 3E was written by Baden Eunson to provide readers with the communication skills that are essential to success in the workplace as well as informal relationships.

The book offers valuable advice pertaining to interpersonal skills that will set job seekers apart from the competition. It explores a plethora of topics including general English skills like punctuation and grammar, how to interact with a team, social media skills and negotiation skills. It also addresses the topic of modern technology’s impact on the job market with a special focus on the ways that employers utilize Facebook and other social media when researching job applicants. Additionally, special hypothetical “What would you do?” style scenarios are provided. These permit the reader to test the depth and range of his new found decision making skills.

Communicating in 21st Century 3E also contains a helpful Student Study Guide attached to each of the text’s chapters. These Guides encapsulate the information of each chapter and quiz the reader on his comprehension of the information with various challenges and questions.

An additional study aid called iStudy is also available. iStudy helps readers understand the contents of the text by way of unique interactive module activities. These activities enhance the reader’s learning experience in a participatory manner. iStudy really puts Communicating in 21st Century, 3rd Edition into the spotlight as a technologically enhanced text that will stand the test of time for many years to come. Thankfully, iStudy is compatible with nearly all popular computer operating systems so just about every reader can benefit from its innovative interactive module activities.

A 6 month subscription to AssignMentor is also included along with the +iStudy soft cover text. AssignMentor is a special interactive application that groups the user’s references and writing samples in order to create professionally looking reports and spectacular essays.

Communicating in 21st Century 3E is written by former Monash University professor, Baden Eunson. Mr. Eunson has taught English, Communications and Performance Studies for several years. He currently works as an esteemed communications consultant and professional writer. Mr. Eunson has also authored Business Writing, Communication in the Workplace and Conflict Management.

Communicating in 21st Century by Baden Eunson is available digitally and in print. The digital version can be accessed on computers, iPads, tablets and smart phones. Upon buying the digital version, it will be permanently stored in the electronic device.

The Wiley Affordability Program exemplifies its intent of educating those who seek knowledge. Wiley content will always be made available at affordable prices. Wiley believes that each student should have access to knowledge regardless of his family’s socioeconomic status. Simply put, Wiley assists teachers with the act of teaching and students with the act of learning.

With these values in mind, the digital version of Communicating in 21st Century 3E costs $50 while the print version costs $103.16. The textbook is soft cover and includes several student study guides and explanatory charts. Wiley is proud to offer free shipping for its Australian customers.

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