Fundamental mathematical knowledge

Mathematics as presented in the the Australian Curriculum provides students with fundamental mathematical knowledge and skills in algebra, numbers, geometry, probability statistics, and measurement. Professional applications and specialties are stressed under the Australian Curriculum so that all students will need to practice these methods in their personal,civic, and professional life.

Aside from standard offerings of mathematical lessons through textbooks and exercise worksheets, digital technologies are being facilitated to expand mathematical ideas as well to give students access to new learning tools to achieve better analytical thought and problem-solving skills. Students can respond to new and complex maths situations with more confidence.

Because mathematics is a study subject that is frequently incorporated within other principles, such as geography, science, history, and in English, the Australian Curriculum encourages teachers to help pupils connect all of these principles together to get a better appreciation of just how important mathematics is to become successful once they enter the real world. A series of maths textbooks produced by Jacaranda are designed to meet the requirements of general mathematics in units 1 and 2 of VCE. Maths Quest 11 takes mathematics a step further by containing the following additional features:

  • Bullet study area points
  • All inclusive, TI-Nspire CAS calculator instructions presented step-by-step, that
  • are completely integrated into worked examples designed to be used with the Operating system 2.0.
  • Questions are presented from past VCAA examinations.
  • Students are given examination tips that highlights danger areas to avoid.
  • Practice sections for exams with marks and allotted time limits with complete worked solutions available on the eBookPLUS for students.
  • Digital-free questions
  • Key worked examples are presented as digital tutorials for each maths chapter.
  • Integrated maths activities.
  • The Maths Quest 11 textbook continues to offer maths courses to students through eLessons.
  • Exciting graphics and photographs displayed in full colour.
  • Exercises are carefully graded with many application skills and problems, including maths questions designed in a multiple-choice format.
  • Worked examples are easy to follow and are presented in the think/write format.
  • Exercises include generous cross references throughout to relevant worked examples.
  • Full scope chapter reviews with past exam-style questions.
  • eBookPLUS references

eBookPLUS is a great guide tool for teachers and students with relevant website material which is provided for free along with the written textbook but also can be purchase alone. eBookPLUS is a digital rendition of the textbook and can be used as an extra resource to sharpen students’ skills. The JacarandaPLUS website is flexible and uses engaging ICT activities all available for students online.

The Maths Quest 11 textbook both in written and digital form have taken mathematics to the next stage with an in-depth look divided into twelve chapters. The table of contents includes mathematical applications for shapes, measurements and graphs that links the lessons previously learned by students upon completion of Maths Quest 7-10 together. The table of contents for Maths Quest 11 include:

  • Univariate Data
  • Linear graphs and equations
  • Linear graphs and modeling
  • Bivariate Data Practice Exam 1
  • Sequences and series
  • Geometry in two and three dimensions
  • Trigonometric ratios and their applications Practice Exam 2
  • Linear programming
  • Financial Arithmetic Practice Exam 3
  • Shape and measurement
  • Networks
  • Matrices Practice Exam 4

Maths Quest 11 creates self-motivated learners through active participation in complex and thought-provoking experiences with mathematics throughout a student’s classroom experience. Maths does not have to be a hard subject if it presented in a simple way. The Australian Curriculum is designed to make mathematics a fun and exciting topic that allows students to use technology along with written exercises to prepare students for situations they will need in their everyday lives and careers.

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