A Straight forward and Accessible Approach to Learning Statistics

statisticsStatistics: Unlocking the Power of Data 1st Edition has recently been released by Wiley Publishers. This comprehensive text, with its clear and relevant data-oriented approach to real world applications of statistical data, provides instructors and students with considerably more than simply the material they require in the teaching/learning environments of today. Much focus in education is concerned with how to motivate student learning, to improve student outcomes, to alleviate educational anxieties, and to pace a course such that it is both clear and engaging. This text addresses these important concerns in innovative ways.

Five educators, who between them comprise a wealth of practical experience and a broad approach to statistics, collaborated on this textbook. Their interests in statistical data range from sports, to education, psychology and health, providing a depth of focus that will engross a diverse audience. With its emphasis on contemporary intuitive methods, this text augments the traditional fundamentals. Intended for a single term introductory course, the text ensures the student can begin to internalize exactly what they need to do in order to correctly collect, manipulate, and interpret data. This text offers not only a hands-on approach by including relevant case studies and contemporary examples, but also engages the necessary critical thinking that supports the analysis of diverse data sets.

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data is a valuable asset for both instructors and students for a multiplicity of pragmatic reasons. First, it comes in a variety of formats, including an E-text, a binder-ready print text, or a standard textbook. Second, the text comes with optional access to WileyPLUS – a site containing self-study aides that will suit any kind of learner and designed to engage students in active learning. For the instructor, WileyPLUS offers extensive resources calculated to enhance student motivation and success, and to make course design straightforward and unambiguous. These features include an online gradebook, customizable text-relevant PowerPoint, and multiple methods to make and grade student coursework. Consequently, this text represents both a comprehensive approach and a cost-saving option to augment the classroom experience for the student, and a grounding point to streamline and enrich the multiple tasks of the instructor.

This text includes many relevant and powerful features calculated to motivate and support students’ critical thinking. Students are provided access to StatKey, an online collection of statistical and conceptual tools, problems and exercises derived from a variety of disciplines. Also included with the text is access to the Essential Synthesis feature relating each unit of the text to the bigger issues, enhancing the students’ understanding of how statistical practices work in post-educational settings. Lastly, the Go Tutorial questions feature is intended to not only support the text and allow students to test themselves, but also provide students with a way to measure and overcome difficulties.

Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data, 1st Edition is clearly an excellent choice for both students and educators. Its many features ensure that student success and motivation will be heightened, and instructor performance is made as engaging and exciting.

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