The best UNI Accounting textbook

hoggettcover8thed The Accounting 8th Edition textbook is categorized as an accounting study and revision guide book, it is written by experienced and authoritative accounting and business lecturers and professionals specifically John Hogget, Mathew Tilling, John Medlin, Evelyn Hogg and Lew Edwards.

Students Study Resource Material

Compared with the other accounting texts, Accounting 8th Edition is an authoritative and popular, introduction to accounting textbook that has been used for over 20 years by both students and teachers. The complimentary WileyPLUS package provides an online version of the textbook as well as the valuable iSTUDY educational support materials. The resource is in the form of practical test objectivities that are designed to assist students prepare and excel in exams. Accounting 8th Edition features Concepts for Review at the beginning of every chapter, which is devised to provide students with insights during study.

The comprehensive end of chapter activities encompasses exercises, problems, case studies and discussions on wide spectrum accounting processes, are deployed for easy student follow-up and understanding. The clarity in interpretation through illustrations of accounting processes is essential in enhancing learning, and provides a stepping stone to students for future indulgence in core accounting and allied subjects such as commerce and areas of professional practice.

Book Options

Accounting 8th Edition encompasses wide range of accounting applications and explains the critical role that accounting professionals play in the day to day running of business and business decision making. The textbook uses examples to reinforce the study materials, and it is available in both print and digital formats; the two print versions cost $97.56 and $134.36. The first impression comes as binder ready with WileyPLUS and iSTUDY packages. This version offers the advantage of printed textbook on a loose-leaf format. The second option includes the textbook and WileyPLUS with iSTUDY package, this is a softcover print version with an easily readable layout. The two digital options cost $50 and $65. The first option is in E-Text and can be viewed in both online and offline mode. The second option is in E-Text and comes with WileyPLUS and iSTUDY package.

Book Benefits

The new Accounting 8th Edition textbook is an immense asset to both accounting and non accounting majors. The text goes into considerable lengths to demonstrate practical accounting procedures, by replicating accounting information and practices to business and decision making. The textbook is thoroughly updated on the regulatory environment, and standards espoused by initiatives such as International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)frameworks.

The explanations are further made easy through the use of Link to Business portion vignettes. The book encourages skills development through techniques such as critical thinking, decision making, communication and analysis that is design to bring about an all round outstanding student with high confidence in their field of study. The textbook can be purchased or ordered on-line or by contacting WileyDirect at 1800-777-274 toll free in Australia or 617-3354-8444 toll free in New Zealand.

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