Materials Science and Engineering ebook

ebookThe book, Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction, 8th Edition, was written by authors David G. Rethwisch and William D. Callister.

The Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction book was written to teach and inspire and it continues to do just that. The book is written in a clear and concise way. This book is incorporated with texts that will help its readers understand the three essential material types and composites. These essential material types include ceramics, metals, and polymeric materials. In this book, the relationship that is present between the structural elements of the materials and their properties is well explained in a way that it can easily be understood by its readers.

The great thing about this book is that this comes with WileyPLUS. This enables its user to access an online version of the book. In addition to being able to access its online version, this also comes with a comprehensive collection of practice exams which will prepare its users and possibly help them ace their examinations. With the tutorial questions that are provided, the user will be able to work through complex questions via a step by step technique. Such technique provides assistance in cases where one finds himself or herself stuck. Study sessions are also made more successful with WileyPLUS since this offers varied questions as well as instantaneous feedbacks to the answers provided.

The 8th edition of this book has several features. These features include the following:

  • Clear and Simplified Discussions. Basically, the text provided in this book is written in a clear as well as simplified manner which ensures that the concepts in Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction 8th Edition are conveyed at an appropriate level. This approach ensures that the readers are able to grasp the meaning and understand the different concepts related to the subject matter.
  • Mechanical Property Coverage. This book maintains an extensive introductory level coverage on the subject of mechanical properties and failure. This topic is considered as an essential materials consideration for engineers.
  • Up to Date. This book includes the latest developments in the industry involving Material Science and Engineering. Moreover, the up to date contents of this book includes the advanced polymeric and ceramic materials, high energy hard magnetic materials, composites, and optical fibers in communication.
  • Resources. The book also lists 11 properties for a set of 100 materials in Appendix B. This list will help facilitate the material selection process. In Appendix C, there is a list of the price for all the materials that are listed in Appendix B.
  • Materials of Importance. The book comes with brief topics that discuss applications of high interest materials and how they relate to the varied topics in the book.
  • Concept Check Questions. Concept check questions are provided through chapter quizzes. This will help students better understand the key ideas included in each chapter. The answers of these concept check questions are available on the student companion site.
  • For aspiring engineers, the 8th edition of the Materials Science and Engineering: An Introduction book will definitely help them acquire their engineering degree and launch them into their career.

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