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marketingThe textbook is specially designed for first year students in college or university. The book covers key study concepts, which have been simplified for easy understanding. The book is published and marketed by Wiley Direct. The authors are widely experienced professionals in the field of academia and commerce. Greg Elliot is a business professor and an Associate Dean at Macquare University faculty of Business and Economics while Sharyn Rundle-Thiele teaches at the Griffith Business school Department of Marketing. David Waller, on the other hand, is a senior most lecturer at University of Technology at Sydney school of marketing.
The book’s product particulars are
ISBN: 978-1-74246-721-4
Format: Paperback, Softcopy
Edition: 2nd Edition
Published: January 2012
Pages: 640 pages


Marketing, 2nd Edition uses examples of regional case studies to demonstrate the importance and relevance of topical subjects covered in the classroom. The resourceful text is accompanied with iStudy, which is an interactive study resource. The iStudy contains numerous video modules of interactive nature. The iStudy is especially devised to test the student’s knowledge and assist them grasp the study materials. The package is accessible in multiple operating systems, making it available anywhere.

The textbook covers such areas as, market research, consumer behavior, products, price, promotion, business buying behavior, distribution, electronic and international commerce. Marketing 2nd Edition of this book is available in two options; Digital and the Print options. The first print option costs $25 and is available for a 30 day rental period. The package covers E-text plus iStudy rental; the charges are attached to the prescribed reverence period. The material resources can be accessed both online and offline through various electronic gadgets for the 30 day period. The second print option costs $50 and comes with E-Text plus iStudy. The textbook material can be viewed online and offline using various gadgets with no limitation on access period, once the purchase is made.

The two digital options cost $25 and $50. The first is available for a 30 day rental period while the second one becomes the property of the owner once the $50 payment is made. Both materials came with E-text plus iStudy resource; the Marketing 2nd Edition E-Text can be accessed through iPad, computer, tablet or Smartphone’s just as with the regular printed Wiley E-Text.

The textbook features embolden color coded spotlights in each chapter which uses everyday examples to reinforce study objectives. The accompanying planned activities are developed to encourage for the development of marketing plans for chosen products through end-of-chapter exercises. The inclusion of case studies at the end of the chapters is also meant to assist students to fully appreciate and understand the study materials. Wiley’s endeavor to assist student’s undertake successful higher education has been a critical strategy in affording students and teachers easily accessible learning materials with fabulous discounts. This book can be ordered online by visiting the website or by calling Wiley Direct Australia toll free at 1 800 777 474 or New Zealand toll free at 0800 448 200.

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