Financial Accounting Textbook

Financial-Accounting-textbook Most UNI of business programs require accounting and finance majors to take a course in financial accounting. Financial accounting teaches students how to prepare financial statements. Accountants prepare financial statements to record the financial activities of a person, or a business entity. These documents vary from balance sheets to statements of cash flow. Financial accountants prepare reports for various decision makers such as suppliers, banks, stockholders, and government agencies.

This course is vital to any student aiming in a career in financing or accounting. UNIs and Universities must choose wisely when determining which text to teach from. One trusted brand in the UNI of business is Wiley. Wiley publishers manufacture a variety of different textbooks for different subjects involving business and accounting. The most recent edition for this subject is the Financial Accounting 8e by Wiley Publishers.

Financial Accounting 8e provides students with a basic introduction to the subject of financial accounting. This textbook provides real world scenarios that students can use to relate to current financial situations. Due to accounting being a difficult subject to teach, the authors of this textbook worked hard to illustrate the accounting cycle and key transactions in this textbook. This book provides charts, graphs and practice scenarios designed to sharpen the learning mind. Students also gain insight to global issues that could impact their future careers in business and accounting.

Wiley publishers always aim to provide a better learning experience with each edition that comes out. one new feature of the Financial Accounting 8e is the “accounting cycle visualized”. The publishers used more illustrated presentations rather than text of equation analysis in the accounting cycle chapters. Studies have shown that the usage of colors and graphs work better than plain lecture style text when it comes to learning and memory. Students remember graphs and pictures easier than plain black and white. Students are now more able to clearly see the relationship between a basic analysis, equation analysis, and a Debit-Credit analysis.

With this edition, students also have the “take a look at the IFRS” feature. This helps teach students about the global marketplace and information regarding the IFRS. This section defines the difference between GAAP and IFRS. This book also has a test bank and end of chapter notes regarding the IFRS. The IFRS Application area contains review exercises and international comparison problems.

Some more additions to the 8e include the common charts of accounts, people planet and profit, and the anatomy of fraud lessons. The common charts of accounts helps students grasp financial concepts more easily. People planet and profit teaches students about sustainability approaches, and the anatomy of fraud teaches internal control.

Wiley publishers are top ranked when it comes to educational content. The new financial accounting 8e textbook has a comprehensive scope on accounting principles and financial science. The new edition features more illustrations along with in depth content. Illustrations and colors are tested to be more conducive to student learning. This textbook references the necessary knowledge needed for students in business finance and accounting.

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