Anatomy And Physiology eBook for $50

9780470565100Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology 13th Edition caters to all types of readers, regardless of their specific learning styles. The book provides an array of teaching techniques that facilitate the student’s quest to comprehend the human body. It provides large illustrations that educate the reader on important physiology concepts. The book documents the latest discoveries in the fields of physiology and anatomy by way of its “Current Discoveries” content. Readers will be up to date on the fields’ latest breakthroughs. Special learning aids are also available like root words, cross references, summary tables and pronunciation guides.

The text comes with WileyPLUS which provides additional learning tools like lab exercises, interactive animations and cadaver videos. There are also audio recorded anatomy lectures that compliment the book’s content. A variety of quizzes, resource summaries and special chapter review encapsulations are provided. These function in tandem with one another to help the reader pass his physiology and anatomy courses with flying colors.

The text is available as either an electronic rental or purchase. A 30 day E-Text rental costs $25. During this time period the text can be viewed either online or offline. It will have the same spectacular features loved by readers of Wiley E-Texts. If you’d like to search for the digital version by ISBN, the number is 9780730310785. Keep in mind that the digital E-Text can be accessed on a wide variety of digital computing devices. The digital text combined with WileyPLUS costs $50. The ISBN for this unique combination is 9781118560235.

A binder ready version of Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology 13th Edition is available for $90.36. This special version of the text comes 3 hole punched. It is ideal for readers that prefer binders over books. Rest assured, the text contents, layout and page numbers are the same as the text version. The binder ready version also includes WileyPLUS.

The actual text itself along with WileyPLUS sells for only $131.96. It is loaded with information packed chapters, exercises and diagrams. In case you want to search for the textbook by its ISBN number, it is 9781118088883. Australian customers will receive free shipping for either the binder ready version or the traditional version.

Principles Of Anatomy And Physiology 13th Edition is authored by Gerard J. Tortora and Bryan H. Derrickson and published by Wiley Publishing. Mr. Tortora is a Professor of biology, microbiology, physiology and human anatomy. Mr. Tortora was previously the Biology Coordinator at Bergen Community College in Paramus, NJ. He obtained his master’s degree in science education from Montclair State College and is a valued member of several professional organizations including the American Society of Microbiology, the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society and the National Education Association.

Mr. Derrickson is a Professor at Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL. He teaches biology, human anatomy, human sexuality and physiology. He also serves on faculty hiring committees and has served as a member of the Teaching and Learning Academy. Mr. Derrickson earned his cell biology doctorate from Duke University.

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